Tuesday, May 20, 2008

JAIN SLEE / SIP Servlet becoming obvious choice

Recently one of the Indian ISV's MoBitE Technologies started providing consultancy on JAIN SLEE. If you visit Mobicents Partners pages, it already lists 4 companies around the globe who is working on Mobicents suite of products.

The Operators are getting aggressive on their plan of embarking on Next Generation Network and JAIN SLEE becomes the obvious choice. While Mobicents/RedHat provides the infrastructure, Mobicents Partners can provide the development help to Operators. Mobicents is increasing its range of products from core JAIN SLEE Server, SIP Servlet Server, Media Server, XDM Server and now the latest addition is Presence Server. With so many products and many standards it makes sense to involve the experts who understands the products better. The RedHat ISV Partnership program makes sure that these partners are up-to the mark and end customers can rely on them.