Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tested my SIP enabled mobile phone with Mobicents Server

Today I tested my SIP Enabled Nokia N95 phone with mobicents JAIN SLEE server. It was amazing how easily it integrated with Mobicents and the voice quality was on par with my service provider. Here are the steps in case you too want to give it a try

  1. Start mobicents server and bind it to your actual IP address
  2. Deploy SIP RA
  3. Deploy the sip-services with initial invite as true

Nokia N95 settings

  1. Go to Tools -> Settings --> Connection --> SIP settings
  2. Create a new profile
  • Profile : User1
  • Service Profile : IETF
  • Default access point : your WiFi access point
  • public user name :
  • Use Compression : No
  • Registration : Alway on
  • Use Security : No
  • Proxy Server
  • Proxy server address : sip: (My mobicents server was bound to
  • Realm : user1
  • username : user1
  • password : user1 (doesn't matter actually)
  • Allow loose routing : yes
  • Transport type : UDP
  • Port : 5060 (The SIP RA is listening at this port. This could be 5070 for you if 5060 is blocked)
  • Registrar Server:
  • Registrara server address : sip:
  • Rest of it same as proxy Server.

The other SIP UA that I used were Twinkle and XLite.

The only caveat is you don't have the WiFi at all the places ;0)