Friday, October 3, 2008

Mobicents Metamorphosis

The mobicents team meet at Munich on 16th September 2008 to discuss about the road map. Mobicents has transformed from just a JSLEE server to a multi dimensional Telco middle-ware platform in very short span of time, to be precise 1 year. The 5 days face to face meet with all the core developers produced quite useful discussion on how to proceed with various standards on Telco middle-ware. All the roadmap's and presentations are recorded at

Just to give the gist on road map for each of the products

Mobicents JAIN SLEE Server
  • Release JSLEE 1.2.0.GA (full implementation of JSLEE 1.0 Specs)
  • Attack JSLEE 1.1 and pass TCK for JSLEE 1.1
  • Port to JBoss AS 5.0
  • High Availability with Fault tolerance. This will be implemented using the JBoss Cache 3.x
  • JBoss Operations Network plugin for easy administration of JSLEE server from JON Console

Mobicents Sip Servlets Server
  • Mobicents Sip Servlet has already passed JSR 289 TCK. And more over it has High Availability (mid call failover) already implemented
  • Implement the Diameter for Sip Servlets
  • Improve on performance
  • Interoperability of JSLEE RA with Sip Servlets to achieve seamless integration of two technologies

Mobicents Media Server
  • Release 1.0.GA with better performance numbers
  • Implement JSR 309
  • Implement Video capability for MMS
  • Modularize the MMS Core to allow custom implementation of Processors, Codecs, Mixers etc
  • Full fledge Console for administration of MMS and also JON Plugin

Mobicents Sip Presence Server
  • Resource List Server that handles subscriptions to sip resource-lists

In addition there were also discussion's on Diameter Resource Adaptor and road map.

No project is widely accepted without proper documentation and hence there was a details discussion on how to proceed with doco part.

Follow Ivelin's blog for further details