Thursday, December 15, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Annual Mobicents Conference - 2011 - Sochi, Russia

Concluded another wonderful Mobicents conference at Sochi, Russia. This time it was biggest every participation from community and customers, each presented about their projects/products and how they leveraged mobicents platform. Thanks to every one for joining and making this experience rich! A big thanks to Oleg who made immaculate arrangements!

It was sad announcement from Rob Cardwell (JBCP Product Manager, RedHat) about sunsetting JBCP. However no surprise here as it was already communicated to existing customers sometime ago.

Like after every sunset is sunrise, TeleStax is born to take care of development, support, training and consultancy around Mobicents. It will be wrong to refer TeleStax as startup, as the founders were working on Mobicents at RedHat and resigned few months ago to keep focusing on Mobicents and take it to next level.

The conference started on 5th December with introduction round and then Ivelin presenting about Transitioning Mobicents leadership from RedHat to Telestax. Below is the agenda

Note : I will keep adding link to pictures and presentation as and when they are shared from respective guys

December 5th
  • Transitioning Mobicents leadership from Red Hat to new company - Ivelin Ivanov
  • Twilio Client and Cloud Communications - Jonas Borjesson, Twilio
  • Multi Modal Video Conferencing - Nick Semergey and Alex Vinogradov, Avistar - Codeminders
  • FOSS Telco Framework for Java Developers - Jason Goecke, Voxeo Labs
  • Mobicents Diameter in MEVEO Open Source Billing - Sébastien Michéa, Manaty (Unfortunately Sebastien couldn't make for conference due to visa issues, however Jean did the presentation for them)
  • Innovation with Mobicents at MTN - Amit Bhayani
  • Unified Cloud Communications for SMBs - Silvano Girardi Jr, Inphonex
  • Cool apps for Next Gen Intelligent Networks - Vilius Panevėžys, Elitnet
  • MVNO complexities - Dmitri, Atel

December 6th and 7th was for mobicents core team to present the roadmap and future of various projects within mobicents platform

December 6th

  • RestComm - Thomas Quintana
  • From SIP Servlets to TelScale - Jean Deruelle
  • SIP Load Balancing - Vladimir Ralev
  • Container independent failover framework - Jean Deruelle
  • CDI Telco Framework and Aquilian - George Vagenas

December 7th
  • TelScale SNMP and JMX management - Jean Deruelle
  • QE achievements, infrastructure review, frameworks, roadmap, expansion to community contributed resources - Luis Barreiro
  • Media Server theory, practice, cloud considerations, design discussion, roadmap - Oleg and Julian
  • JSLEE progress and roadmap - Eduardo Martins
  • Diameter progress, popular use cases, roadmap - Alexandre Mendonca, Bartosz Baranowski
  • SS7 progress, popular use cases, roadmap - Amit Bhayani, Sergey, Bartosz

December 8th was reserved for fun parts where the team visited Sochi downtown and walked on the shore of blacksea. Conference was hosted at Katerina Hotel located in picturesque Krasnaya Polyana which is approximately 40kms from Sochi Airport. If you want to spend some time away from hustle bustle of City, this is the place! However party animals cannot survive on this lonely place ;)

Already waiting for Conference 2012