Sunday, February 24, 2008

JBoss World 2008 - Orlando, Florida

This JBW event was the biggest in JBoss history with 700+ attendees from all over the world and fortunately this was the first one that I too got a chance to attend. I was also a speaker for Mobicents technology. The presentation 'Web 2.0 and Converged Application' would be uploaded soon It was fun to meet all the JBoss developers, but the most exciting part was to meet most of the team members of Mobicents

The Mobicents Team!!

Left to right

Alex, Bartek, Luis, Eduardo, Vladimir, Amit and Jean

We are already 9 in Mobicents team and have out numbered any other individual team within JBoss. Quite a few guys were surprised to know that Mobicents has such a big team! But what they don't realize is Mobicents has number of sub-projects which in itself is huge. Here is the list

  1. Mobicents Core – SLEE implementation

  2. Sip Servlets implementation

  3. XDM Server

  4. Media Server

  5. There are number of Resource Adaptors

  6. Mobicents Management Console

  7. Eclipse IDE Plugin

The speech on 'Web 2.0 and Converged Application' was good, specially the Convergde Demo at the end excited the attendees! There is definitely a paradigm shift with introduction of Open Source implementation of JAIN SLEE (Mobicents).


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