Saturday, November 15, 2008

A week at MTN, Nigeria

Just finished a four day JBCP training at MTN, Nigeria. This was getting delayed for quite sometime and finally I had an opportunity to meet the brightest of guys. It was really fun spending four days with this team and class was very interactive with lot of questions & answers and brainstorming. The best part is this training made everyone of us rethink the power of open source and how quickly one can implement the services and go to market in jiffy. I learned that Nigerian's love to talk and most of operators revenue still comes through voice calls, but with intense competition in the region VAS is what will separate a winner from rest. Learned that there are more than 8 operators in Nigeria .. wow that's a big number for a country of approximately 140 Million people! Convergence is the key! They have many interesting ideas in development and will go live soon.


obinna henry said...

hi amit, found your blog from learning j2ee and been using tomcat. 'll like to move over to jboss. what the best startup tutorials or books for a newbie to jboss.

amit.bhayani said...

Hi Obinna,

You can start with Getting Started @

Brast said...

Hi, iv been trying to configure the SIP settings on my n95, and my search led me here. How'd i get it to work? I use MTN. Lagos resident.