Friday, October 8, 2010

Mobicents Face-2-Face meet Antalya Sept 2010

I have to start with big thanks to Eduardo for such a wonderful arrangement and choosing best location Antalya, Turkey! But still nothing beats Mobicents meet at Varna in 2007 :P

This was first ever Mobicents meeting where not only all team members were present but also accompanied by customers, community users and partners. What works better than having direct feedback from customers?

The meeting started with fun day where entire team went for white water rafting

The Chikens Team! As name given by Rafting Lead Suleman :)

Ok I will leave the fun part for end, lets talk about agenda

We have shared all the presentation here

Meetinig room with Ghost man Oleg presenting

Mobicents Media Server

The media server made a very good progress with its 2.x.y releases. Media is a very different beast where predictability matters more than the speed.

To achieve predictability we had to give away multi threading model too! The context switching consumed enough time to distort the quality of media. Even the MGCP Stack was modified to reduce number of threads used, switch to NIO and achieve highest performance ever such that controlling media server via MGCP doesn't hinder the media processing. We give away completely on Java Timers and wrote our own Scheduler from scratch to achieve precision of upto 1ms! The result was best performing media server ever with approx 300 concurrent bidirectional calls, almost zero jitter on simple hardware with 2GB RAM and Dual Core!!

The team made a very good progress from releasing first version 2.0.0.CR1 in March 2010 to 2.0.0.Final release in Aug 2010. However not everything we did in last 5 months went to stable quality. The RTSP support added in 2.0.0.Beta3 was revoked in 2.0.0.CR1 release as it was not correctly designed. Also we added the support for MBROAL TTS Speeches, however the TTS in general is still not very good quality.

Going ahead we will continue newer releases on 2.x.y version with more and more stability and better performance for everything related to Audio.

However for video the work has already begun on trunk which will be 3.x.y releases.

Download Mobicents Media Server presentation here

Mobicents Media Server - SS7

There is very good progress made on SS7 stack in last few months. The MTP layers are almost stable now and capable of handling multiple links. However we have reworked SCCP layer (should be available in next release) and instead of SCCP available as stack, will be deployed as service on JBoss AS. The higher layers can access SCCP via JNDI look-up.

Also the M3UA is re-designed and now uses the UDP behaving as SCTP instead of TCP as designed initially. But we sucked majorly on the several release dates and various release were behind the original deadlines. Nothing is perfect ;)

The roadmap is to stabilize existing layers MTP, SCCP, TACP, ISUP and MAP. Complete the ISUP RA and test with DS0 endpoint in Mobicents Media Server.
Also try to implement SMPP and HTTP layer's for USSD Gateway Application and make it stable quality.

Download Mobicents Media Server SS7 presentation here

The every day in Mobicents face-to-face meet ends with party at night.

Fun part

Team playing pool's

//TODO : Will add more once Bartek shares the snaps :P

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