Sunday, August 16, 2009

JBoss World 2009 - Chicago September 1-4, 2009

Its time of year when JBoss World 2009 event will rock the stage! This time JBoss World and RedHat summit are hosted together. From Mobicents perspective, there are two sessions happening

First is "Rapid VoIP development - SIP Servlets 1.1, Seam Telco Framework, JRuby on Rails, Eclipse VoIP tooling" that will talk about the framework/tools developed by Mobicents that can facilitate the faster and better development of Converged Application. This seminar will be very productive for developers who wants to dive in VoIP world and also for vetrans who already knows the details.

Next is "Writing Telco 2.0 applications with JBoss Communications Platform based on Mobicents" which will focus on all available pieces of JBoss Communications Platform like JBCP JSLEE Server, JBCP Sip Servlets Server, JBCP Media Server, JBCP Presence Server, JBCP Diameter Server. For a Business decision makers who are planing to embark on "Converged Application" business, this could give a very good overview of what all pieces you need to make a comprehensive converged application. This will also be good for developers as it will give over all picture of JBCP components and how they fit with each other.

If you haven't yet registered, now is the time!

For people who attended the Mobicents presentation last year will be amazed by how much we progressed in just 1.5 years!

Enjoy the sessions and do let us know your feedback.


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